Ne-Mi (neko_mikyo) wrote in kyoxdeg,

Iced Gaze 1/??

Title: Iced gaze
Author: neko-mikyo
Chapters: 1/?
Genre: Angst, (fluff and romance to come)
Rating/warnings: PG-15, (NC-17?) / Yelling, Violent, Cursing
Band(s): Dir en Grey
Pairing(s): Diex?, ToshiyaxShinya (to come)
Summary: Die had been coming for months always late to band practises.
And Kyo is getting pissed off with it. Kaoru in other hand wants to wait Die to come there.
Die had been telling them that they could start practising without him,
and they had but because of Kaoru they always stayed there until Die came.
Disclaimer: I don’t own them, unfortunately. Only own the story!
Comments: This is my first Dir en Grey fic.
And I thought I should own this to my precious Pucca .
And I hope you all like my fic! *starts biting own lower lip*

What's going on with Die?
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