chibi_waru_chan (chibi_waru_chan) wrote in kyoxdeg,

Namida-iro Chapter Six

Title: 涙色
Author: chibi_waru_chan/chibi_waru
Chapter: Six/Ongoing
Band: Dir en grey
Pairings: KyoxKaoru, KaoruxToshiya, DiexShinya (side pairning) , KisakixKyo
Genre: Angst, humor
Warnings: Yaoi, self mutilation, lots of implied sex, maybe more later
Rating: R (maybe higher later on)
Disclaimer: I don't own Dir en grey, Yoshiki, or anyone/thing else I may have mentioned in this fic, so please don't sue me... not that I have anything worth suing for... o_o;;
Summary: What will Kyo do when his feelings for Kaoru drive him insane because of Kaoru and Toshiya's relationship?

Chapter Six
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