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Child Prey

Story Title: Child Prey
Author: Kyosama
Author email or journal: prophetsdoll |
Band/Group/Musician(s): Dir en grey
Disclaimer: Dir en grey and it's memebes belong to themselfes!*noddu*
Any other notes/warnings/thank yous needed: Thx to _kao for reading this first!n___n
And thx too o-nee-chan [nee_chan_pany] for reading all my crappy German fics beta!*smile*
Hmh, it's from me and nya..It's translated from German into English with Babelfish..Gomen nasai if there are any wrong expressions and word orders and so on..*sigh*

He snarled on his opposite threateningly, made clear to him that he should not come in this times into the traverse, if his unsacred
life meant somewhat to him. Did it mean it somewhat?
The value of the life, how often had they this value already niece made? How often had they extinguished already innocent lives?
How often, had they searched, had found and had killed?
Without feeling, with intention and particularly without regret?!
Too often? Much too often.

The price of their life was high, they knew which on it too came, bent
themselves their fate, which had better with them forwards to let die
than it at that time. Better, which one could call eternity. Yes. The
curse of the eternity.

Dark, nearly night-black eyes bored themselves into a further, however
light brown pair. Tried the other view stood to hold. Lips moved,
hissed words out, still threateningly. Their mine however remained
nearly dead, icy. Just as icily as their words, the hidden emotions
hit against each other hardly perception.

"Keep you forth from MY affairs, you understood?"
"He is MINE. Thus, searches you something else withdraws you!"
Renewed silence.
"Do you have UNDERSTOOD?"
"You do not believe nevertheless seriously that I can be escaped SUCH A THING, OR?"
"Nevertheless, over honestly to be!"
"Because you are my brother. Because you've got FUN to saw it suffering.
You do not kill fast enough!"
"In addition you have already someone which you can call your OWN.
Therefore hold you by it which father said and do not come me into the
"Is he to you really SO MUCH?"
"YES! Thus request I you AGAIN to leave your fingers from HIM. We
understood ourselves?!"
Again a heated tone.
Silence. Nodding. A movement.
A relieved draw a deep breath.

As he hated it if one tried to make a line by the calculation
for him. His eyes scanned the area off. Looked for a certain point,
found it, fixed themselves on it. A smile stole himself on its narrow
lips. He had planned everything in the smallest detail. For his part he
could not forgive itself an error. And if he could not forgive himself this,
then its father would deal still harder with this miss, there he was safe himself.

He incorporated himself. He moved slowly ever further still in front. The
people at which he pushed himself passing ignored it simply. They were
nevertheless in the faith that they had to leave him pass. Again a
smile, this times a practice-substantial. As stupid nevertheless they
were not to be able to differentiate their own thoughts from his.

Dying a Child

Kiss me deadly
Kiss Me Kill Me Love Me
Kiss Me Kill Me Love Me

Hurry & May

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